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And what do you do if you pursue the same goals together with another label? Exactly, you start a cooperation. This is how the cooperation *BornOriginals x Paul Hewitt came into being in the last weeks.
Wimbledon Finale 1972. Which one of you remembers this finale? Nobody? Okay, that's probably because most of you just haven't been to this planet yet. Probably many of you don't even know that they are still part of this final in 2019.
The hustle and bustle in Indigo, California, is over, the Instagram madness calms down, the pictures in the feed of the sunset in front of the Ferris wheel become less. The Coachella Festival 2019 is over.


The NBA Regular Season is over and the playoffs have just started into the first round. One of the most influential players of the last years ended his career last week. Dirk Nowitzki played his last game against the San Antonio Spurs last Thursday.
There are many ways to express your creativity. Some paint pictures, others make music, we design sneakers. The florist, Mr. Flower Fantastic from Queens, New York, has found his personal, unique way to show his art to the world: He creates works of art from flowers.
Between studying and working in marketing, Florina and Clemens have a lot more to offer. The two 25 year olds from Innsbruck run their personal Instagram accounts, as well as their joint blog SNKREMPIRE, which also has its own Instagram account.
The first three things that come to mind about Portugal are probably Ronaldo, Ronaldo and again Ronaldo. Portugal has more to offer than the second best footballer in the world, so last week I had the chance to see for myself for the first time.
On March 1st, 1994, a little boy named Justin Drew Bieber was born in London, Canada. 25 years later Justin Bieber has become one of the greatest, if not the greatest pop stars of our time.
On Tuesday, the fashion world stood still for one day. Karl Lagerfeld, for many the most famous designer in the world, died at the age of 85.
There is hardly a shoe that has shaped so many different generations over the years as the Nike Air Force 1.
... Melvin Lamberty! On Saturday, February 2nd, the Sportscheck "Made For More Award" was awarded for the first time in Munich.
It's that time of the year again -
Super Bowl is coming along and we covered all the important aspects of one of the most anticipated sport events!

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