Born Originals x Paul Hewitt

"The feeling of freedom to be able to indulge in one's desires and dreams without restriction. (...) Style-conscious and always open to new things that fascinate and inspire us, we strive for innovative approaches and thus manage to be ahead of the trend (...)".


This is how the Oldenburg jewellery and watch label Paul Hewitt describes itself. The brothers Philipp and Frederic Gloth founded their label in 2009. Probably known to many by the anchor bracelet PHREP, Paul Hewitt today offers a variety of different watches, bracelets and other accessories and is known not only in Germany, but worldwide.


"Open for new things" and "innovative" are exactly the words that also apply to Born Originals. Every day we try to develop new designs for you and find new ways to make you something special. And what do you do if you pursue the same goals together with another label? Exactly, you start a cooperation. This is how the cooperation *BornOriginals x Paul Hewitt came into being in the last weeks. What came out of it? An exclusive and limited watch collection, distinguished by its unique bracelet, hand-painted by Born Originals artists. The bracelets are painted in a camo style in both the women's and men's collections. Our artists have designed the matching shoe to match the watches. The design on the shoe is based on the Camo design of the watch strap. How the style can look combined, you can see for example at Magic Fox.




With the cooperation with Paul Hewitt we were shown new ways how we can live out creativity in order to make you unique. And you can look forward to many new things to come in the coming months. The journey continues...