Century 21 Gets Own Sneaker

A small delegation of the international real estate company Century 21 will be equipped with sneakers in the company design. First action should get the ball rolling.

Sneakers were shipped to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which the US company Century21 ordered with its own design. The real estate giant, based in Madison, New Jersey ordered these for a small number of employees. "Contact was made a few weeks ago through the Wilhelmshaven office and we then developed and presented a handful of designs in a short period of time. From these, two were ultimately selected, which then also went into production," says Melvin Lamberty, founder of Born Originals. The initial order is expected to develop into an even larger campaign down the road. "We hope that this 'pilot' project, for several stand-alone C21 branches, will develop into a major project. With over 100,000 employees, we would of course like to equip even more with our shoes," says Lamberty.
Initially, sample pairs were made available to find out sizes and collect orders internally. These were then forwarded to the factory in Portugal and then delivered to the individual offices.


Contact person:
Jan-Hendrik Keiser | +49 40 2285 2015 0 | jhk@bornoriginals.com