Sneaker meets insurance

The image of the insurance agent is considered dusty and uncool. That it can be done differently is now to be proven in the context of a special sneaker.

"We don't sell insurance, we protect you" is the title of the campaign, initiated by Dr. Robin Kiera of Digitalscouting, Hans Gerd Coenen of GHV Versicherung and Melvin Lamberty of Born Originals, which is intended to provide a different view of the not always popular industry. The contact to the face of the campaign, Dr. Robin Kiera one of the most famous people in the insurance world, came through Dominik Groenen. Together, they designed a sneaker that is meant to help the industry achieve a certain lightness.
"Helping an industry that is considered so uncool to show more of its good sides is our main motivation. Every single sneaker is hand-painted - by our artists in Germany," said Melvin Lamberty, CEO of Born Originals. Dr. Robin Kiera has a similar view, "Our industry has such a significant function in all parts of society, it's time to show this." Kiera also says it's important to emphasize that the whole thing is a non-profit project for him and all proceeds will be donated.
Limited to 300 pieces is this special sneaker. The campaign will start on September 20. You can already get first impressions in the campaign video released in advance.


Contact person:
Jan-Hendrik Keiser | +49 40 2285 2015 0 |