And the “Made For More Award” goes to...

... Melvin Lamberty! On Saturday, February 2nd, the Sportscheck "Made For More Award" was awarded for the first time in Munich. In ten different categories, the jury awarded prizes to athletes who stand for their extraordinary history and their special commitment outside of sport.

In the category CREATOR Melvin Lamberty, founder of Born Originals, was awarded. To give you an idea of the award and the event, I interviewed Melvin and asked him a few questions about his performance and the award.

JH: Hi Melvin. The Made For More Award was created this year to honor athletes for their outstanding achievements outside of sport. Can you briefly explain your relationship to sport?

Melvin: During my youth I played in the youth department of Werder Bremen. That's why the professional footballer's dream lived in me for so long. Unfortunately, this dream didn't come true in the end. Nevertheless, I never stopped playing football and in general sport plays a very important role in my life. 

JH: Okay, let's come straight to the award ceremony. Your laudation was given by Bill Kaulitz. How did it feel for you to get the laudation from such a star?

Melvin: To be honest, I didn't know Bill Kaulitz was giving the laudatio for me before. When I found out that he would be, I was both impressed and incredibly proud. If you look at what Bill Kaulitz has achieved in recent years, whether in music or elsewhere, it's madness to be honored by him. 

JH: You must have been nervous before your acceptance speech, right? Did you plan it in advance or was it spontaneous?

Melvin: The nervousness was actually limited. Sure, you think about what you say in your speech, who you want to thank and how you want to thank them, the message you want to get across. Therefore, it was not spontaneous. But in fact I only thought about the speech on the plane to Munich, because I simply didn't get the chance before (laughs). If I now look at the speech again, I think that I have managed it quite well. 

JH: You were awarded in the category CREATOR. What does it mean for you to be a creator?

Melvin: I think as a creator it's important to have creative ideas. My goal with Born Originals is that we leave our footprints in the world in our own personal way. With the many different designs and the individuality that we express through our shoes, the Creator category is definitely appropriate. 

JH: What does the award mean for you personally and for Born Originals?

Melvin: For me, the award means first and foremost an extreme appreciation and a confirmation that what we do is popular with so many people. This award isn't about how many couples we've sold to how many countries, it's about the jury finding that we've earned this award through our version and I'm very grateful for that. For Born Originals, of course, this event has once again created a huge framework to reach many other people through our brand.

JH: When you think of the launch of Born Originals about 5 years ago, would you have thought that it would eventually become so big or are you surprised yourself?

Melvin: Surprised in any case! If someone had told me two months ago that I would be honoured in such a setting at an event where you could get in touch with so many crass personalities and celebrities and that you could see them live on TV, I wouldn't have believed him. When I started, it was more of a project that quickly developed into the ambition to make it big. But no matter how much you are convinced of your idea, in the end you are so modest that you don't expect to receive such an award now.

JH: We just made a leap from the start to the awards. Can you say where you want to be in five years or what the goals are?

Melvin: In five years? (deliberate) It's difficult to say because certain things can develop very quickly in some cases - as seen now. On the other hand, some things may simply take longer than planned. My goal is definitely to make what we do more accessible to more people and to advance our ideas. Of course it's also a goal to come to different stores with Born Originals or even to open a store ourselves, so that our customers can experience live and see what I'm doing. We're also currently working on a configurator that will make it even easier to implement your own ideas, which will help us to achieve our goal.

JH: You just mentioned the special personalities and celebrities yourself. Have certain celebrities noticed you or are there even plans for something?

Melvin: Since I did a live painting on the red carpet before the event, a few celebrities approached me. They have already developed good conversations and many were very impressed by Born Originals. With Enissa Amani and Eko Fresh something is planned in the near future.

JH: Okay, we are curious to see what develops there. We are at the end of the interview. Do you still have a few words you want to say to the community?

Melvin: I think it's good to say thanks again this way to everyone who's been supporting Born Originals and me for five years. I mentioned in my speech who I'm particularly grateful to, but I'd like to thank everyone who has ever bought a Born Originals product and has given us the confidence to work with it. None of this would be possible without this support. I look forward to continuing on this path with you and everyone else in the future. 

JH: Thank you very much!