Fynn Kliemann - Self-realization on a grand scale

Do-it-yourself king, artist, musician, entrepreneur - pretty much everything applies to Fynn Kliemann. But who is behind such a diverse role profile, how do you get all these projects under one hat and what drives such a person? We were lucky enough to talk to Fynn, learn more about him and his projects, and ask him our questions.

The beginnings

Fynn was born and raised in Zeven, in the district of Rotenburg in Lower Saxony. He completed his training as a media designer in Bremen, not far away.
Since 2015, we can follow his projects on the YouTube channel of the same name. Starting with a DIY format, he deals here with projects in his household. From close projects, like building a wall, to more unconventional ideas, like a self-built Steadicam, everything is there. Still, there is one constant in all of his videos - his high level of creativity and improvisational skills.

Photo: Valentin Ammon

Two other important areas in his life are music and, since 2020, the creative arts.
His great interest in music becomes clear early on in his YouTube videos, as he always rounds them off with songs he has produced himself. Later, he even makes it into the charts with his two released albums "Never" (2018), and "Pop" (2020). But Fynn wouldn't be Fynn if he didn't come up with something special for these projects as well. He attaches particular importance to his environment and sustainability and therefore has his records and CDs produced only to order. This conserves raw materials and at the same time creates an incentive to buy. Since 2020, he has now also dedicated his time to the paintbrush. His works are quickly finding favor, including at the König Galerie in Berlin.

With such a wide variety of projects, we are naturally interested in the criteria he uses to select them. "Gut feeling is always totally important," he says. "I've done so many things that really shouldn't have worked either."
The inspiration behind it offers an exciting approach and describes his own life well.
"The very coolest stories from people I find admirable are so unpredictable - that you don't know where it actually came from. In the end, the answer is always chance and luck and opportunities that were perceived where others wouldn't," Fynn tells me.

It is this combination of hard work and making the right decisions that has made him the all-rounder he is today. Without knowing how important this approach would become for him, he thus develops the foundation for his current work.
Well equipped, in 2016 he ventures into his next project, which is to occupy a large place in his life - the "Kliemannsland".

Photo: Jonas Neugebauer

Heart project Kliemannsland

The "Kliemannsland" comprises a sprawling ex-inn in Rüspel, which Fynn, in collaboration with "Funk", the content network of ARD and ZDF, makes the center of his projects in April 2016. Until July 2020, the network is co-financing the web series of the same name, which is being produced for NDR. The "Funk" project thereby addresses a young audience with its productions and includes formats from the areas of information, orientation and entertainment. The project gains great popularity and after only a short time several thousand people are interested in what is happening and its founder. "It's become much bigger than just this show." explains Fynn. But then there is one shortcoming in the collaboration with Funk, which is why it comes to the separation from Funk in 2020. "It requires a lot more freedom and has so many more facets than this show could allow. (...) There were our events, all the events we had, we weren't allowed to promote them through the channels. We were not allowed to talk about any commerciality behind it."
Today, outdoor events such as the flea market and food festival "SchnaBuTröMaTa", concerts, our own Christmas market and much more take place on the large grounds of "Kliemannsland". But there's also plenty to discover outside these events, such as spaces for music and video production, co-working spaces and a café serving homemade specialties.
The approach he takes there has always been the same: To bundle creativity and different people, from musicians to gardeners, under "one roof." In Kliemannsland, people think of any kind of profession or hobby.

Through collaboration and the Kliemannsland format, an original team develops over the years. Fynn, who previously followed the approach of "being able to do everything himself," takes a long time to come to terms with the idea of a team. But slowly even he has to realize that his projects like Kliemannsland take on proportions that are difficult to implement alone. "For all these tasks, I now bring in employees and the things I can't hand over, I continue to do alone." With this kind of division of labor, the team has grown to over 200 employees* to date, according to his own statement.

Photo: Brian Jakubowski

Fynn the doer - what drives him

"I get up in the morning and work late into the night - until my eyes fall shut. I find everything I do so awesome that I just can't get away from it," says Fynn in the interview.
We quickly realize that he is someone who is always under power. When he gives up a task, he immediately tackles the next project. But even here, time leaves its scars and after 10 years of hard work, he says it is now time for a more than deserved vacation.

But how does someone who is always trying something new imagine his future? His creativity continues unabated: projects such as Kliemannsland, which he would like to make even more versatile, will occupy a large part of his time. In addition, there are real estate projects with his company LDGG Immobilien GmbH. With this, he is currently converting a 30-meter-high water tower into a vacation home. And he could also very well imagine a tech start-up company, says Fynn.

Fynn Kliemann - handyman, artist, musician, entrepreneur. A real all-round talent who is bursting with energy and creativity and whose doer mentality is certainly a great role model for many people. We thank Fynn for the exciting insight into his life and look forward to the countless other projects that he will tackle and in which he will hopefully let us participate.