"I need that Air Force 1." - a comment on the cult sneaker

German artist Shindy raps about him. Nelly dedicated a track to him and in 2007 Nike engaged the artists Kanye West, Nas and KRS One to produce a song for the 25th anniversary of Air Force 1. There is hardly a shoe that has shaped so many different generations over the years as the Nike Air Force 1.

From 1982 till now

When Nike launched the shoe - designed by Bruce Kilgore - in 1982, it was actually meant to be a basketball shoe. With the then revolutionary Nike Air technology, it set new standards in the field of sports. When Moses Malone won his first NBA title in Air Force 1 in 1983, there were no limits to the success of the Air Force. Especially the hip hop scene at that time celebrated the Air Force and made it popular off the basketball court. The hype generated by this scene continues to this day in 2019. From the most sold Nike shoe of all time (Nike makes about 800 million US dollars with the AF1 per year) there are about 2,000 different models and colourways so far. Through numerous collaborations, like with well-known designers like Riccardo Tisci, Virgil Abloh (who of you has collected so many losses?) or with other brands like Supreme or The Cold Wall, many new and blatant models have been created, some of which even have Holy Grail status.

White low top > any other AF1

The ultimate in Air Force remains for me - and I think I speak on behalf of every single one of the sneaker community - but the Air Force Low, in all white. There is hardly a shoe that is so classic and timeless. Besides, there is no other shoe that looks so crispy and clean brand new. That's probably why Dr. Dre introduced his 'daily Rotation' (GOALS!!!).

We at Born Originals also discovered the Air Force early on as a suitable shoe for our ideas. In the meantime numerous models have been created with the AF1 as the basis and we are always on the lookout for new designs that we can implement on the Air Force.

Simple but special

There are probably a thousand other shoe models that are more spectacular than the Air Force. At the same time, however, there is hardly another shoe whose silhouette is so familiar. The Air Force 1 has been a classic for 37 years and has evolved from a basketball shoe to an icon. Al Baik, Creative Director at Nike, once put it this way: "There is no other shoe that connects music, fashion, art, the street and the city at the same time like this." And despite these many different influences, it's the simple design that makes the Air Force so special. In this sense, for the next 37 years.

Until then,