Interview with SNKREMPIRE

Between studying and working in marketing, Florina and Clemens have a lot more to offer. The two 25 year olds from Innsbruck run their personal Instagram accounts, as well as their joint blog SNKREMPIRE, which also has its own Instagram account. On the blog, as well as on the accounts, there are links for raffles, Supreme news, sneaker convention reviews and tips, for example how to colour your sneakers or travel guides.

We talked to both of them about blogging, their relationship to sneakers and whether they would call themselves hypebeasts.


JH: Do you remember your first pair of sneakers?

Florina: So the first pair I bought myself was an Air Max 1 in beige/pink. It was really cool, but nothing special.

Clemens: My first pair was already in the stroller, it was the Nike Huarache. But I also remember a holiday in the USA where I got a pair of Nike Shox.


JH: Since when would you call yourselves real sneakerheads? 

Florina: Well, I think we've always attached great importance to wearing cool sneakers. But it got really intense about six years ago.


JH: Who is the bigger one?


Florina: Clemens!


JH: When did you start posting sneakers and when did you realize that you could make more out of them?


Clemens: We started about three or four years ago and we knew directly that Instagram could do something big relatively quickly.


JH: So how did you get into blogging and when did SNKREMPIRE start?

Clemens: After the pictures on Instagram became more and more popular, we started to think about having our own blog. But it took a while until we started, because none of us had any idea about creating websites. (laughs)


Florina: At the end of 2016 we started on Instagram with SNKREMPIRE and in January 2017 we went online with a simple website, which we constantly revise and improve.


JH: How much time does creating content take?

Clemens: Well, since we are working or studying, we don't have time for it every day. But if something important comes up, it will definitely be done directly.


Florina: In addition, more time is then invested on the days off at the weekend.


JH: Which highlights have been made possible by blogging so far?

Florina: By blogging we were invited to several cool events and got to know interesting people and cities. My personal highlight was the trip to London, to the Reebok Aztrek Launch.

Clemens: My highlight was in January, when I was allowed to travel to London for the NBA Europe Game together with Foot Locker.

JH: The hype about sneakers is getting bigger and bigger. What do you like about it and what don't?

Clemens: We definitely celebrate that there are a lot of cool releases and collaborations at the moment. Unfortunately, this also attracts many WannaBe sneaker collectors who, in our opinion, destroy the game.

JH: What do you mean "destroy the game"?

Florina: Well, many people don't care about collecting and wearing the shoe anymore. Most just want to make their money with the shoe and take the real sneakerheads the opportunity on a cool shoe.

JH: While we're on hype. Would you call yourself Hypebeast?

Florina and Clemens almost at the same time: NO!!

JH: Clemens, you've certainly made some shocked faces at Instagram with your shoe coloring action. How did you get the idea to dye your Yeezys and your OffWhite Prestos and how much overcoming did you need?

Clemens: (laughs) Well, the reason was quite simple. My Cream Whites were so rocked that I couldn't get him to remember. So I thought to myself, no matter what you do with it, it can only get better. It was actually the same with the Presto. I thought to myself 'WHY NOT', let's see what happens. It didn't cost anything to overcome because I thought it was a cool and interesting project, which was pretty well received.

JH: Every sneakerhead has his Holy Grail. How does it look with you? And what is your top 3 sneakers you already have?


Florina: I recently got myself a Grail with the Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 97 after a long time of thinking, because it has become really expensive in the meantime. There are still some grails I would like to have, one for example is the Air Max 97 Jaquard Brazil Rio, which I have never found in my size. My top 3 are definitely the Sean Wotherspoon, the Air Max 97 UNDFFTD black and the Jordan 1 Union LA.

Clemens: I actually have two Grails. This is the Jordan 1 fragment and the Air Max 1 Cherrywood. I'll definitely get one of them at some point. Since the fragment is more affordable, I think it will be the Jordan. My Top 3 consists of the Air Max 1 Atmos Elephant, the Jordan 4 Cactus Jack and the Air Max 90 OffWhite OG.

 JH: Are there sneakers that are no go for you?

 Florina: Tastes are of course different, but for me the Nike Fear of God 1 SA would be nothing.

 Clemens: Clearly the Adidas x KITH Consortium 4D Runner Aspen, nothing fits! Maybe it's because I'm not the biggest fan of 4D technology!

 JH: What about Chunky Sneakers?

Florina: I really like them. I've just bought the Balenciaga Triple S as well.

Clemens: I celebrate them just like that! Of course there are people who don't like them very much. But for those who can combine it, it looks very cool!

JH: Where do you get your sneakers and what was your biggest L that you got?

Florina: Since we live in Tirol, we don't have any stores we can go to, so we get most of them online or in stores in Munich.

Clemens: The biggest L was two years ago at The Ten Drop. We just didn't get a single shoe at the regular price.

JH: Who owns more pairs?

Clemens: Pooh, I don't know. There are about 100 couples in our apartment, but not all of them. Couples that I no longer wear are in the basement.

JH: Many keep their shoes on shelves or in boxes. What about you wearing them? Is everything rocked?

Clemens: We rock every pair!

JH: What do you do to keep them clean?

Florina: We use Crep Protect.

JH: How do your parents and friends like your hobby?

Clemens: Many friends share our hobby. But I already infected my father and he already has some kicks at home.

JH: The first quarter of the year is over. Can you still say which release you are looking forward to this year?

Florina: I am especially looking forward to the Nike Sacai Blazer.

Clemens: For me it's the Air Jordan 1 by Travis Scott.

JH: Last but not least I have a Q&A session for you. Let's go:


JH: Nike or Adidas?

Both: Nike.

JH: Virgil or Kanye?

Both: Virgil.

JH: Travis or Drake?

Clemens: Travis.

Florina: Drake.

JH: OffWhite or Supreme?

Clemens: Supreme.

Florina: OffWhite.

JH: Life without sneakers or without instagram?

Both: Instagram.

JH: Ski or snowboard?

Both: Ski.

JH: Sun or snow?

Both: Snow.

JH: Thank you very much for your time and the interview!