Waiting for Donda - An Interim Conclusion to Kanye's Album Release

Kanye West's upcoming album "Donda" has been enjoying a lot of popularity lately and is definitely the focus of many articles in the online media, as there have been delays for some time now. We are excited to see if we will finally be able to enjoy the release tomorrow.

Kanye West has always placed great importance on his relationship with his mother. In 2005, he dedicated an entire Oprah appearance to her, singing "Hey Mama" while she sat in the front row. Two years later, in 2007, she died as a result of plastic surgery and West blames himself for her death.

His new album is called "Donda'', in which Kanye West pays tribute to his mother. 

At first it was announced that the album would be released in March 2020, but later it was postponed to July 2020 and since then it has undergone many changes, including the title.

On July 22, Kanye West hosted the first Donda Listening Party at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

Credit to: Bluemedia

The 44-year-old rapper, fashion icon and businessman was born in Atlanta, the home of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Amazingly, it was the same house where Donda West spent the last days of her life. She may have died, but the love Kanye had for his mother lives on forever and ever in his music. 

"24" was the first song played. The chant "We gon' be OK" was repeated over and over again, all the audience had the flashlights on their cell phones. Donda's audio clip was played after the first song. Donda talked about how good it felt to be home and that she was her son's mother, which clearly showed how proud she was of him.

Kim Kardashian, West's ex-wife, also attended the listening event in Atlanta. She brought her four children and her sister Khloé. She also wore a black Balenciaga outfit that matched Kanye's. The show ended after less than 50 minutes without any indication. Kanye didn't have a microphone in his hand, nor did he bring anyone on stage to share his space with. He didn't speak to the audience and everything went through speakers.

There have been previous albums by Kanye that have been delayed, but "Donda '' certainly has a higher status for him as it is about his beloved mother.  Kanye has cherished and looked up to his mother all his life. It is perhaps his favorite album to date, as it encompasses the main role of someone who was practically a piece of his heart. 

In Kanye's current phase, his masks also come into focus. Only once did he talk about wearing masks, when he told his audience that he wanted to objectify himself and focus on his "dreams". 

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He once said that he doesn't worry about anything. He doesn't care what anyone says about his face or his name, his focus is solely on realizing his ideas and dreams. Enthusiastically, he talked about the fact that 80% of people have seen his performances with a mask. Kim Kardashian showed her support by wearing the same mask as him at the "Donda" party.

Aside from his masks, Kanye is once again setting fashion standards. Whether dressed head to toe in Balenciaga, with a jacket inspired by the armor of Siberian bear hunters, or in the Yeezy x Gap Round Jacket.

The hype is already clear when you look at the events around the release.

Donda merch alone generates a record-breaking $7 million in sales. Not to mention the sold-out stadiums at the listening parties. So there's plenty more to talk about, even away from the music.

His feud with Drake is also causing quite a stir, with which he recently made headlines by publishing private chats and Drake's address. 

In summary, you can say the whole hullabaloo around the release, provides even more interest in Kanye, as it would probably be the case anyway. It should be the perfect album, so even the postponements do not bother if the result is brilliant in the end. Whether there is now the last "final" listening party in Chicago and he gives the city in the rise the satisfaction of the release, we will see.

A special event is "Donda" definitely before its release already!