NPK - As a Team to Success

Music, TikTok, sunflower seeds - where many would already be busy with one topic, the members of NPK prove their strength with their versatility. Thanks to their community, they manage to bundle many interests under one roof and to use the qualities of each member individually. What they pay attention to and what is important to them, we learned in an interview with the two founders.

"We've always wanted to be independent of others, so that we can creatively live out our lives the way we want and gather our own experiences." Whether already formulated so precisely at that time or not, that is the idea behind the project "NPK", which was started by Anton "Manyak" Büsing and Andi "Adez" Reichert, in the tranquil town of Oldenburg, in March 2018.

"We got into a class right on the first day of school, that's when our friendship started."

It all started in the first grade of elementary school and took its course in the youth, where both were involved with music and social media content at an early age. On this basis, the concept of NPK then developed, in which both could realize themselves. "Music gives a feeling of security and freedom," says Andi, "it's not for nothing that music speaks to people's emotions like that."

Photo: Alena Jurkin

It quickly becomes clear in our conversation what passion is behind this project. That's why it's no surprise that just two years after the pair's project was launched, they're getting serious. In May 2020, NPK UG is founded and registered as a company. The motivation behind it remains unchanged.

What has changed, however, is the focus on projects and what role the two founders want to play in them.
"What we've learned recently is how much fun it is to build other artists as well," Anton says, "from the initial gathering of ideas to the finalized strategy."
Through the approach of management, own production of music on the spot to the implementation of music videos, the original idea of independence, goes very well.
Each member of the NPK family does their part to make the overall concept shine.

"Today, it feels like everything revolves around TikTok."

That alone would probably be busy enough for most people, but NPK has other interests. One of them is producing content for TikTok. With their short comedy videos that focus on their Russian heritage and talk about "everyday life," they quickly built a large community.

"As an artist today, you have to take place on many platforms," Anton says, "and TikTok is simply best suited for our concepts." They are convinced that their own fun in the process will infect other people as well. The rapid success and growth of their channel, which already has 250,000 followers, shows that they are right. The regularity and the clear concept that they are pursuing are therefore paying off.

Photo: Alena Jurkin

Both emphasize how important the focus on individuality and authenticity is. "We're not trying to be funny, we're just like that in our private lives," Anton emphasizes. He adds how important it is to act with regard to clear goals, "Many big TikTokers do their thing with their own concept to stand for something."
This concept is also applied in the own video production by videographer Alex from ANDRZ Visualz. The focus of all involved is on individual ideas. This ensures the desired recognition value and everyone from the team can contribute with their qualities.

However, the two admit that every concept can reach its limits. In this case, both agree, spontaneity is an important aspect that distinguishes the NPK team.

"Any project we start, even if it seems spontaneous, we don't do it without thinking."

Whether due to spontaneity or other reasons, another line of business for the two was born, and that is the sale of sunflower seeds. "Nimm Paar Kerne" is the name of the product the two see retailing in the next few years.

Their focus, as in their TikTok concept, is on steady growth. According to the two founders, trends only lead to very short-lived success, and you always have to jump on the next bandwagon. An idea that matures over time, however, will grow steadily.

But this mass of ideas only works if there is a harmonious team behind it. "I think it's kind of like motivating each other," Anton says, " everyone has their own kind of qualities."
When asked how so many projects are run with organizing, Anton reveals that he has grown into the role and is comfortable with it as well. Also, the distribution allows both of them to better apply and focus on individual skills.

With so much output put out by the team, they need a balance from which to draw strength again. Unsurprisingly, they both use music to escape from everyday life, but a vacation wouldn't be bad either, they both joke.
Their own further development and the development of the team also provide an incentive from which to draw strength again.

Photo: Alena Jurkin

"There will be things coming that no one will expect, this is completely different league."

Looking to the future, both say NPK has signed 3 new artists with whom it should be exciting this year.
With them, they are already implementing lessons learned together for new strategies and would also like to compete in the international market. The TikTok career will of course be pushed even further, "we definitely want to crack the million", says Anton.

The goal is a base to get all projects under one roof. Studios whether for music, photo or video production and of course a warehouse for the sunflower seeds.