Say it through flowers - The story of Mr. Flower Fantastic

There are many ways to express your creativity. Some paint pictures, others make music, Born Originals designs sneakers. The florist, Mr. Flower Fantastic from Queens, New York, has found his personal, unique way to show his art to the world: He creates works of art from flowers.


In his New York studio, he recreates everything that inspires him with roses, lilies, tulips and many other different flowers. Starting with Emojis, Mr. Flower Fantastic then began recreating sneakers because he himself was a great sneakerhead, as he said in an interview.


From Mom's Garden to the NBA All Star Game


MFF discovered his love for flowers in his mother's garden. He himself called it his little oasis. Since about a year he shares his love for flowers with the world through his Instagram Account. When he created Air Jordan 1 Chicago from flowers in July 2018, his work went viral.

As a result of his media success, the "Tennis Queen" Serena Williams, became aware of him. When the US Open took place in New York in 2018, she invited him to one of her games. After a meeting with her and a lot of inspiration, he went straight to work in his studio. With the release of the Nike Air Max 97 x Off White at that time, specially designed for Williams, MFF set out to create probably the most special bouquet of her life for tennis ace. When he had finished his work, he presented it to various places in New York before handing it over to Serena personally after her match. Another highlight followed in 2019, when the NBA All Star Weekend was held in Charlotte, North Carolina, in February, Nike personally invited MFF. That's how the biggest flower Jordan ever, was born. So he got into conversation with various NBA players, like Russel Westbrook, himself known for his creative outfits, and Blake Griffin. But THE highlight might have been the personal meeting with "His Airness", Michael Jordan, who also got a composition of his own shoe.



 Anonymity for two reasons


Anyone who thinks that the works of the king of flowers are only withheld from the stars is mistaken. MFF occasionally distributes his works at random locations in New York so that his art is also made accessible to "normal" people. It's probably an irony of fate that Mr. Flower Fantastic suffers from a pollen allergy, which is one of the two reasons why he always wears gloves and breathing masks during his work and public appearances. The second reason is that he wants to remain anonymous. He wants all people to focus completely on his art so that it is in the foreground. In an interview with SoleCollector he put it this way: "I have a spiritual connection with florals-I can't make flowers, only God can make flowers. All I have done is taken what he has already made and position them differently. I'm not really the real artist here, I'm just kind of messing with his work. I kind of always want the focus to be on that. It's not about me. It's not about what I look like, or what I don't look like. It's about the florals.".

The preparation for such projects plays a big role, as he reveals to an interview. Since not all flowers are always available at the same time, you can't say how long it will take to finish a couple. But MFF has a sign on his desk that says "Take your time". A paradoxical sentence when you consider that every flower withers at some point, but at the same time it probably takes this time to create such perfect works of art.

Mr. Flower Fantastic proves that things that at first glance don't seem to fit together can be combined and takes his art to a new level with his creativity. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: "The world laugh in flowers". Word.