Super Bowl - Event of the Superlative

It's time again! The Super Bowl 53 is just outside the door. In the night from the 3rd to the 4th of February the Los Angeles Rams around quarterback Jarred Goff and headcoach Sean McVay (by the way the youngest coach in a Super Bowl ever!) meet in Atlanta the New England Patriots around star quarterback Tom Brady, (the husband of the Brazilian Victory Secret Model Gisele Bündchen).

No question, the Super Bowl is every year for many people THE sport event.

You probably know it yourself: in many conversations shortly before and shortly after the first weekend in February, the Super Bowl is a topic on everyone's lips. But let's be honest: which one of you still knows who is the winner of the last year? Or who knows what a fumble or even the line of scrimmage is?

Caught?! If so, it's definitely not a drama. The Super Bowl offers enough different headlines every year, which even stay in my mind from time to time rather than the result of the previous year.

I mean, which one of you doesn't know the scandal about Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake during the halftime show of the Super Bowl 2004? Which brings us to one of the highlights of the Super Bowl; the halftime show.

Michael Jackson, Beyonce, U2, Prince: The list is long

This year's half-time show will be accompanied by Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Atlanta-born rapper Big Boi.

Superstars like Rihanna and Pink canceled their participation in the halftime show as they have changed the attitude in the discussion about the former quarterback Colin Kaepernick. He caused a scandal on August 26, 2016 before a pre-season game of his San Francisco 49ers, when he remained sitting during the national anthem in protest against discrimination against blacks and the massive police violence against blacks instead of standing during the anthem as usual. Kaepernick's action caused a sensation nationwide and divided the country. The then President Barrack Obama strengthened Kaepernick's back after the action, Donald Trump, who was still a presidential candidate at the time, took sides and severely criticized Kaepernick. His contract with the 49ers expired in 2017. Since then Kaepernick has been waiting for a new club to take him in. The NFL still doesn't give a good picture in this matter. By attempting to change the rules of conduct, they tried to prevent the boycott of the anthem, but this failed due to the opposition of the players' union.

In this discussion, Travis Scott's commitment was also criticized. Rap mogul Jay Z had also asked Scott to cancel his appearance at the Super Bowl. In the end, however, Travis Scott agreed to donate half a million to a charitable organization on condition that Scott would do so. The sneakerheads among you may also be wondering if a new Jordan model of the Cactus Jack series might be introduced. There could hardly be a better promo for the Jordan Brand. We can be curious.

Five million Dollar for 30 seconds

Another point that is awaited every year with great excitement are the commercials that are broadcast during the interruptions of the game. Large companies invest millions to get a few seconds of attention. 30 seconds of advertising cost about five million Euros (Fun Fact: This is the equivalent of about 28,000 pairs of Born Originals Premium Sneakers).

For these immense sums you get the undivided attention of more than a billion people. A spot can hardly have more attention. That's why it was worth about 12.5 million euros for automobile manufacturer Chrysler 2011 to place a spot with rapper Eminem. So who doesn't know where to go with his millions should get in touch with those responsible (or with me). The most expected spot this year comes from Coca Cola. A hidden criticism of the crazy man in the white house is expected.

Oh well, football is still played, of course. Most of the USA will probably keep their fingers crossed for Los Angeles Rams. Me personally, too, by the way. The question is whether the young squad has anything to counter the experience of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. In the night to Monday, the 04.02.2019, we will find out whether Brady can underpin his status of the GOAT.