Virgil Abloh's Influence on the Fashion Industry

Virgil Abloh is one of the most famous fashion designers of today. He is the first African-American fashion designer to play a prominent role in the luxury fashion industry. 

After receiving his master's degree, he entered the fashion world in an unconventional way and influenced it in a remarkable way, with an internship at Fendi, along with Kanye West.

He is truly a phenomenal fashion designer, because the magic he works on the items is not ordinary. And he has made a name for himself in this era of fashion because he has an intellectual and unique idea. His approach to inspiration and individuality has brought him fantastic success. That is why he has received so many awards and has been nominated for his enormous influence. In 2008, he was named one of the most influential people in the world by Times Magazine.

"Off White"

In 2012, he founded his luxury fashion brand "Off White", which quickly became popular among young people and adults. He uses a simple and intuitive idea of "three percent approach" for his fashion items. He works with a basic and brilliant idea: when you give and take during a collaboration, new things emerge.
What he does is a very clever tactic to make things famous. He collaborates with big brands and enhances their already manufactured products with his signature artworks. Some of these clever ideas include cross arrows, cable ties, quotation marks and bold capital letters. This smart and clever approach he took had a significant impact on other design-minded people who want to break the conventional rules where they are not necessary. Indeed, his influence and story are a source of inspiration to many.

Photo: AFP/Anne-Christine Poujoulat

Lous Vuitton

After years of celebrated experience in the modern fashion industry, he is now the artistic director of the men's collection of luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton since March 2018. His brand's client list, which includes notably famous singers like Rihanna, Drake, Beyonce and other well-known celebrities like Kendall Jenner, is like a cherry on top.

Virgil's sense of art and fashion works in a sensational way. His fashion label is more of a game-changer for ready-to-wear. His first aspirational project involved buying Ralph Lauren flannel T-shirts off the rack and customizing them. He printed the word "Pyrex" and "23" on these shirts. These shirts, valued at $40 each, sold for about $500 each when they were offered under the glorious "Off White" label. That's a very motivating and gratifying thought for millions of people around the world. Virgil's brilliant idea of unconventional designs has led others to bring their creative ideas to the forefront as well, and that influence is undeniable.

Virgil's collaborations

His other collaborations with the rich and extravagant brands like Nike, Levi's, Ikea, Warby Parker and many others have matured his brand into something super phenomenal. He changes a fashion item and improves it by 3% to make it look unique, fashionable and creative. Perhaps this is the reason for his brand's tremendous success.
One example is that he redesigns a belt with his brand logo or other features and makes it a high-end product in the fashion market. In addition, his label 'Off white' is known for its 'streetwear' fashion. Hoodies are especially famous garments because they are informal. So are the ones that are modified by 'Off White'. They are sold at an extravagant price of 1000$.

Creative and innovative ideas are rarely not accepted by the youth. For better or worse, they always work! The success of Virgil's brand is based on inspiration and intellectual creativity. He adds an ingenious, imaginative and visionary vocabulary to modified fashion items.
Anything that is different always attracts others. This is also true for his products. His modified chich sweatshirts, stylish hoodies and fashionable sneakers are popular with suburban kids and artists like Tom Sachs and Jenny Holzer.

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain

Virgil's influence

Virgil's fashion influences not only the career-oriented people, but also others! He is dazzlingly spotlighted by some celebrities. Hailey Bieber wore an "off white" dress with a glittery and gorgeous veil for her wedding, which had the beautiful slogan "Till death do us part" on it. This is so grand and majestic on a brand that only those involved can understand the overwhelming response.

Moreover, he has a huge following on Twitter and Instagram, which fuels his fame even more. He amazingly influences other fashion designers to confess their only ideas to the world!

Some things are not only told, but competently implemented! Virgil's fashion influence and intuitive idea is one of those things. His belief in fashion is that you can be inspired by the people and current trends around you. And then you can do the rest of the magic with your creativity.

He doesn't stick to a single fashion plan, but creates a lifeline of trends. His fashion label "Off White" is an outstanding and illustrious example of modern trends in the industry.

He has taken the idea of redesigning a product to an exceptionally high level that has brought him much success and fame. Virgil has practiced the phenomenal and spectacular art of deconstructing the incredible patterns of youth, culture, semiotics, art history, fashion trends, graphic design and luxury brands. He also implemented the idea that you don't need a big, fancy team to be creative.

It is yourself and your inner creative soul that give expression to beautiful things. In this way, Virgil Abloh's fashion sense and story have influenced the fashion industry around the world in a great way. And his work has also created an impressive thinking space for other fashion designers!