Normal Gets You Nowhere: Lisa Ramuschkat

Normal Gets You Nowhere: Lisa Ramuschkat

Lisa Ramuschkat is an independent sports presenter, an investor in FC Viktoria Berlin, has her own podcast and was allowed to accompany the past World Cup in Qatar as a reporter for Magenta Sport.

"An incredible gift [...] and the most intense comeback for me personally" - that's how Lisa describes her job as a reporter in Qatar. She was on site for just under four weeks and formed her own picture of the controversial World Cup. In the podcast, she talks about bought fans, Arab culture in soccer, how the different nations behaved on the ground and a German "basic arrogance" that she perceived in the competition. Lisa believes that people should generally be more open to other people and cultures - although she clearly distances herself from human rights violations here - and states that, for example, a Pakistani can also be a Germany fan without immediately being "bought".

Lisa describes this job as her comeback, because after a career low she finally got a chance to prove herself again. Lisa worked at a broadcaster at the beginning of her career, where their mutual working relationship broke down. She left any self-doubt behind, kept believing in herself and her goals, and kept fighting for the last five years until she got this incredible opportunity.

Born in Hamburg, Lisa studied in Munich and then started working for Sport1, a German TV channel and internet portal, where she began hosting by chance. Now she moderates various sports, such as racing, soccer and basketball. Against the recommendation of others, she deliberately does not specialize in just one sport, because she is passionate about every sport. In her own podcast "Team Lisa", she wants to inspire and motivate other women to believe in themselves and their goals through different women in sports. Fittingly, she invests in FC Viktoria Berlin, the FC Viktoria Berlin Foundation aims to make a lasting change in women's sports in Germany, advocates for equal opportunities and equality, and makes role models visible to motivate other women and girls.

Lisa tries to see people as they are and not for the status imposed on them by society. Thus, her role models include people who radiate an inner calm, are open, humble and down-to-earth. As examples, she cites Nasser Al-Attiyah, whom she had the pleasure of meeting in Qatar, and Dirk Nowitzki, who is so down-to-earth despite his success. To get closer to these attributes and to develop herself further, she uses moderation as a mirror, reflecting on her gestures, facial expressions, speech and nervousness, among other things. Her goal is lifelong learning. Professionally, she has the goal of creating something of her own and bigger, with which she can offer other people added value - she is thinking of her own show, a production company or her own product.

Lisa believes in herself and her goals. She's born original and inspires others with her story.

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