Born Originals X ReShoe

Born Originals and ReShoe, the renowned sneaker cleaning service from Berlin, have joined forces to make your sneaker game even more sustainable!

ReShoe will make your favorite sneakers shine again - for a fresh style and long-lasting enjoyment of your shoes. From now on, you can send your beloved sneakers (and that doesn't just mean Born Originals sneakers) to ReShoe and have them professionally cleaned and refreshed!

ReShoe is a trusted name in the sneaker community and known for their expertise in shoe cleaning. Whether your sneakers are dirty, have unpleasant odors, or simply need a new shine, the team at ReShoe will make sure your shoes return in top condition. Nothing but love for Born Originals!

That's why ReShoe offers the BO community a 10% discount on every order. Simply use the code below to save on their services.

USE OUR DISCOUNT CODE: borntobeclean

Certainly, keeping up with the trends and dressing stylishly are important. However, one aspect is becoming more and more central to our consciousness - sustainability.

In the era of fast fashion and constant consumption, it's particularly vital to wear our items for as long as possible, thereby conserving resources.

Our partnership sets a powerful precedent for sustainable fashion and a conscious approach to our beloved sneakers. Because shoes aren't just utilitarian objects, they are expressions of our personality and deserve to be worn for as long as possible. This is where ReShoe plays a significant role.

ReShoe does not merely clean and refresh your sneakers but gives them a second life. The reuse and maintenance of our cherished shoes are a conscious choice for the environment. Every pair that we wear longer saves resources and reduces waste, contributing to a more sustainable and responsible world.

At Born Originals and ReShoe, we're proud to be part of this movement and thank you for joining us on this journey. Give your shoes a second chance for a more sustainable future and a more mindful use of our resources. *Data provided by ReShoe

USE OUR DISCOUNT CODE: borntobeclean