Born Originals at the ANWR Group Innovation Forum

The ANWR Group with its headquarters in Mainhausen gets a visit from the far north. For this year's Innovation Forum and a subsequent workshop with ANWR partners, the Born Originals team is coming to the company's headquarters.

The artists and staff of Born Originals are making their way to Mainhausen to give an exclusive workshop at ANWR Group over the weekend, focusing on the basics of sneaker customizing. In addition, the brand is part of this year's ANWR Innovation Forum, where brands, service providers and buyers meet for a creative exchange with a trade fair character. "We are very pleased to be invited by ANWR. The forum is a great platform for us. Workshops have only recently become part of our product range. We are happy to give interested parties insights into sneaker finishing," says Nik Wollschläger, apprentice at Born Originals. In addition to companies and businesses, department stores or store openings are also suitable for this special promotion. Wollschläger comments, "In addition to the workshops, we also offer live paintings where customers can 'pick up' a small personalization, for example. This kind of event always attracts a lot of attention."
The ANWR Group of Companies is a community of independent retailers operating in the footwear, sporting goods, leather goods and financial services industries. Affiliated to this community are over 5,000 independent companies with 80,000 employees worldwide. The ANWR Group itself has just under 1,400 employees.
"The feedback we have received so far on the workshops held has always been positive. We naturally hope that this will continue. Further workshops are also already planned, including in Kulmbach at the 'KU13 Sneakerlabor', which is also part of the ANWR Group," concludes Lamberty.

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