Born Originals x AYAKA

Düsseldorf - Hoodies, shirts, accessories, perfume: this is the range of AYAKA GINZA TOKYO so far. Soon this will be expanded by the first sneaker in collaboration With Born Originals.

"Be brave, courageous and different" is one of the mottos that the fashion start-up Ayaka, based in Düsseldorf, claims for itself. Together with Born Originals, they have now developed a joint sneaker inspired by the Japanese series Naruto.
"Ayaka stands - like us - for the courage to be different. We want to bring this feeling across with the joint shoe," said Melvin Lamberty, CEO of Born Originals GmbH. The shoe that is now coming out is strikingly different. For example, the sneaker will feature the Naruto character Itachi Uchiha. In addition, on the toebox, as well as the sides will be the Akatsuki pattern. There are no other projects planned in the near future so far, but this by no means rules out an upcoming collaboration. "Ayaka and Born Originals have a similar target audience and represent similar values. We are very excited about this release!" concluded Lamberty.
The Ayaka sneaker will be available in limited quantities on on November 29.

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